Terms of Use

The terms of use determine the rights and obligations of the users / visitors of our site www.senekis.gr of the proprietorship:

Data: Arg. Senekis & Sons Ltd

The services of Senekis.gr are provided by the enterprise under the distinctive title Company ("Senekis Ltd" or "Company"). Our Company data are as follows:

CORPORATE NAME: Arg. Senekis & Sons Ltd
TAX NO : 099977995

For any further request or query you may communicate with us a +(30) 2310 797.024

Each user of our website must comply with the laws, these terms of use and policies that he has adopted and applies our business, regulations, guidelines, decisions of independent and other Authorities, codes of conduct, and generally to act in good faith and business ethics.

It is forbidden to commit criminal acts using our business website. The use of the services and the platform must be guided by the protection of minors.

Actions that violate the property rights of our business (trademarks, etc.) are prohibited. The logos, images, insignia, graphics, marks, trademarks that appear on this website are the property of either our company or third parties (natural or legal). Their copying, reproduction, use for any reason is prohibited. No permission is granted to reuse them in any way.

The user of the website is prohibited from accessing confidential, confidential information of our company or data and data of other users. It is forbidden any intervention, change, reading of source code or creation of derivative works from the software of the website or any other information or storage system used by our company.

Furthermore, the user undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure that the service is safe from the access of unauthorized persons, from attempted theft, sabotage and explicitly states that he is responsible for any damage caused by deceit, negligence or misuse or omission. the necessary measures for the protection of the equipment and from its failure to equip its computer with the appropriate antivirus programs, in accordance with other terms hereof.

Our company has the right to modify the terms of use of the Website, the policies it implements without prior notice to the user of our online store. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions governing the use of this website and the contract between us and you, you MUST NOT use the Website.


The user acknowledges and states that in case he has any problem or is dissatisfied with the product he has purchased, with the process of processing the entire transaction, the delivery of the product or for any other issue related to the use of this website, can contact our company by sending an informative email to the email info@senekis.gr and the staff of our company within 1-2 working days will contact him for the solution or the best possible arrangement theme.

Outcome of conclusions

Our company pays special attention to the complaints / recommendations of its visitors and the degree of their satisfaction with the services provided. The complaints that have been submitted are studied and utilized by our company for the improvement of the services it provides and for the quality upgrade of the service of its users / visitors.
Our company cannot guarantee the resolution of all issues and complaints submitted to the extent in time and in the way desired by each user / visitor of the company.

Dispute Resolution

This contract and terms of use as well as any modification thereof are governed by Greek Law.
Invalidity of any term of use or part of it does not invalidate any other term or of the Contract or part thereof. The remaining terms remain in force and fully develop their legal effects.
By accepting the terms of use, each user declares that he / she has become aware of them, has fully understood them and is committed to complying with them.