Elsteel TechnoModule


Techno Module modular cubicles are a bolted construction, giving a strong design for the mounting of equipment.

The Cubicle framework is manufactured from 2mm electro galvanised mild steel forming corner bars and crossbars.

Techno Module is a 200mm grid modular system in all three directions (height, width and depth) with corner bars and cross bars accurately pre-punched at 25mm intervals.

Doors and covers are manufactured from 1.5mm mild steel.

Framework, doors and covers are power coated in light grey RAL 7035 fine texture paint finish.

Mounting plates are manufactured in 2mm mild steel and available in white (RAL 9010) or Alu-zinc finish.

Internal separation plates are manufactured from 1mm mild steel, finished in Alu-zinc.

Plinth profiles follow the same 200mm modular system and are manufactured from 2mm mild steel, power coated in black RAL 9005 paint finish.

Techno Module cubicles are suitable for front and rear cabling access, with cable entry/exit possible from above or below.

Phosphated and chrome passivated pretreatment, ensures all Techno Module cubicles are suitable for tough climates and conditions.

For Form 4b systems, CAB type cable boxes are fitted into the cableways, shrouding individual circuit outgoing connections from its adjacent feeder. This allows cable connection of a particular feeder whilst others remain in the live position.

Quick gland, steel and PVC gland plates are available for the cable boxes.

The protection degree of the offered cubicles are up to IP65



Depending on the configuration of internal compartments and separation plates, the Techno Module system can provide a form of segregation upto Form 4b and is tested and verified to IEC 61439 (IEC 61439-1 & IEC 61439-2).

Arc fault containment testing is in accordance with IEC 61641.

The fully withdrawable panels are in accordance with IEC 61439, 60947, 61431-1.




Busbars can be mounted at the bottom, top or rear of the Techno Module cubicles.

Busbar systems are air insulated, ASTA certified up to 7100Amp 100kA for 1 second.

Techno Modules unique busbar system is a clamp method, which accepts standard 10mm thick flat copper or aluminum bar. Copper bar can be tinned or un-tinned. Busbar holders are also suitable for fully insulated busbars. 

Busbar holders and supports are manufactured from self extinguishing fibre material/reinforced PC.

Transport splits are also via 10mm busbar fishplates, which are also a clamp configuration for ease of site installation.

All busbar joints must be tightened to Techno Modules specified torque settings.



Earth Bars

Earth bars are fitted to the framework via heavy duty BEC brackets. This provides good earth continuity throughout.



Neutral Bars

Neutral bars can either form part of the main busbar system or for Form 2 systems, then they are fitted to the framework via heavy duty BECN brackets and INS type insulators.



Circuit Breaker Systems

The Techno Module system is design verified with Air and Moulded Case circuit breakers of various ratings.

The modular system is suitable for fixed type, removable and fully withdrawable types of incomers and feeders. Its flexibility allows it to be utilised as a Power Distribution Switchboard/Panelboard or a Motor Control Centre.


Fixed Type Unit - Individual fixed type units come complete with a box section that fits into the modular framework. It has an individual component mounting plate and door. The device fitted on the mounting plate can have an extended rotary handle fitted, which would interlock with the access door. i.e. the door is prevented from opening when the device is in the ‘on’ position.

Connections to the busbars can be via solid copper or flexible busbars.



Plug & Power

The unique Plug & Power system is suitable for both Removable and Fully Withdrawable devices. These devices plug into the motherboard which doubles as a busbar holder and a Form 4 separation plate.

The motherboard busbar system is a clamp arrangement for the ease of installation of the busbar droppers or risers. Busbars can be rated up to 1600Amps.

Motherboards are suitable for modules in two widths, 400mm and 600mm.

Plug-in modules start from 100mm high upto 600mm high.

When used with 100mm high plug-in modules, a maximum of 18 no units can be fitted in one tier.

Both Removable and Fully withdrawable units are suitable as a Power Distribution unit or a motor starter unit, (direct-on-line or star-delta etc).

Incoming supply plugs for both Removable and Fully Withdrawable units have four different current ratings, 80Amp, 250Amp, 400Amp and 630Amp.



Fully Withdrawable Unit

The Fully Withdrawable Units are fully enclosed individual units of Form 4b and fully tested at 65kA/1sec.

The unit comes complete with a mounting plate for the device and a second mounting plate for a motor starter or control equipment. Therefore, there will be adequate space for circuit breakers of all auxiliary voltage.

The external door can be interlocked with the main device via an extended rotary handle, this would prevent the door from being opened when in the on position. The internal interlocking mechanism also prevents the unit from being withdrawn or inserted in the on position (on load). When the device is turned in the on position, stainless steel interlocking rods protrude from the fully withdrawable unit into the side framework. The unit cannot be withdrawn in this position.

The unique integrated swing handle operating system, ensures smooth operation in all positions in one set of side mounted stainless-steel handles, insertion, withdrawal, test and lock-off. To lock the unit in the off position, a padlock can be inserted to the left-hand side of the unit, this is indicated on the side wall. When the padlock is fitted to lock the unit in the isolated position, it cannot be inserted or removed from the Panelboard/Switchboard.

The fully Withdrawable Unit has on the rear side a system of 5 terminal male connectors (L1, L2, L3, Earth, Neutral). The Earth connector is positioned in a way that it’s the first connected and the last disconnected at the connected and disconnected position of the fully withdrawable unit.

Status position of the Fully Withdrawable unit is visible via the physical position of the swing handle operating system. Alternatively, this can also be indicated via a position sensing unit (PSUP), which fits into the unit and has LED indicator lamps fitted to the front access door.

Rear mounted coding system plugs, prevent the insertion of units in the incorrect position, LED indicator lamps can also be fitted to visually warn against this prior to the unit being turned on.

Insertion of the Fully Withdrawable Unit is by the use of guide rails. Insertion and removal of units is possible without the need to shut the Panelboard/Switchboard down. Therefore changes can be made during build and before/after commissioning stages.

The plug system for the outgoing power and control connections can be positioned on the right or left hand sides of the unit.

Ratings for power connections start from 80Amp to 630Amp. Control connections are rated at 10Amp. A slot is also available for communication sockets for systems such as Modbus and Profibus.

When the units are withdrawn the motherboard is rated in accordance with IP2X.

The protection degree is IP54 in all positions (apart from removed position which is IP20 and the test position which is IP31).



Fully withdrawable Unit - technical characteristics

The Control terminals will be of screw type and shall be clearly separated into power and control terminals

All the equipment and parts will be in the “Active” state of product life cycle (to be available in the market at least 10 years from the purchase date).

Each drawer can be either “intelligent” type or “normal” type, with power and control contacts.

The terminal number of control contacts can go up to 72 depending on the height of the unit.

The terminal number of power contacts can go up to 15 depending on the height, rating and type of the unit.

The Intelligent type drawer has inside the necessary I/O module for monitoring the control and connecting to the main DCS with profibus connection (the profibus insert is included).

Panels shall have earthing (grounding) provisions as required by the selected kind of power system earthing (grounding), i.e. IT/TT/TN conforming to IEC 60364.


Techno Module has been design verified IEC 61439 since 2010 and has been fully tested and certified with different Breakers Brands in several ratings all those years.

Therefore, many breakers brands can be mounted and used with the Techno Module System.