Compact/Packge Kiosk-Type Outdoor Substations

Compact/Packge Kiosk-Type Outdoor Substations

SENEKIS kiosk Substations can be used in:

- Developing Low Voltage plants/businesses that are in need of Medium Voltage and do not hold the appropriate space for the Substation.
- An expansion of a private grid of a plant with the use of a distant Substation.
- Photovoltaic Applications > 100KW
- Construction sites

SENEKIS Compact Substations are beneficial because:

- They can be easily reinstalled.
- Their resale value is great because of their compact form.
- They are accompanied by full detailed engineering and electrical designs and construction drawings of the concrete seating too.
- They can be constructed in different ratings up to 5000 KVA.
- They contain the certified Medium and Low Voltage SENEKIS Electrical Switchboards.
- They are submitted in full series tests in our workshops by test voltage of industrial frequency 50000V.
- They are WALK-IN TYPE meaning that the operation takes place inside the Substation.


The standard sizes of our Outdoor Package Substations (kiosk) are made of:

- Galvanized sheet-metal housing 2.0mm thickness, electrostatically painted with waterproof paint RAL 7038.
- An independent compartment for the Medium Voltage input and output 24KV.
- An independent compartment for the oil-filled or dry electrical transformers and besides the interior provisions for efficient natural ventilation, there is also a thermostat-activated fan in order to maintain the S/S temperature within the anticipated limits.
- An independent compartment for the Low Voltage 0,4KV.
- Furthermore, each S/S compartment is accessible via separated doors, it has an automatic interior lighting and a socket.
- A very strong metal base made of UNP 80mm.
- The construction is strong enough to withstand the weight of all equipment installed.
- A gabled roof with 15ο slope made of  Pur foam sandwich type panels with interim insulation that exceeds 30cm beyond the outline, around the roof.
- All the metallic parts of the S/S are grounded by a Busbar with a cross section 30x3.
- There is also an automatic transformer protection with external alarm


ΟSENEKIS Compact Kiosk Substations additionally can:

- Have 2 oil-filled or dry transformers
- Incorporate Low Voltage Switchgear
- Incorporate capacitor banks
- Have lightning protection system on the roof (cage type)
- Have generator space
- Have walls and a roof insulated by stone/rock wool.
- Have aluminum doors.